Litigation involves the process of resolving different types of disputes in court, and more often than not, it is mistakenly equated to a lawsuit. However, what litigation actually refers to are the legal procedures before, during, and after a lawsuit. In some cases, a dispute can only be called a litigation once the need for a lawsuit becomes apparent.

Some of the most common issues concerning litigation include contractual issues, business matters, and real estate transactions. Good litigators have a good grasp of and command over legal principles that govern disputes.

Brown & Kannady, LLC prides itself for lawyers who have a remarkable track record in franchise, general business, real estate, and litigation laws. Molded by decades of trial experience, our insightful team handles a broad range of cases and offers professional legal service in the following areas:

Practice areas include

  • Non-competition
  • Civil litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Franchise
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Labor employment
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real estate

Litigation is a legal procedure that gives people the opportunity to resolve their differences and arrive at a compromise. However, not every litigation results to a favorable decision, making the act of hiring a good litigation lawyer or litigator important. Brown & Kannady, LLC believes that winning a case is not so much about arguing as it is about excellent and critical reasoning. When you work with us, you are working with a great team of lawyers who always give our clients the upper hand.