Laura et. al.,

Some of these are on the third slide, we can mix and match for that, and change what is shown there…


adobestock_82896456_wm adobestock_81111465_wm adobestock_76509624_wm adobestock_66547942_wm



These are possibly better suited for the image on the business and copyright law section.

adobestock_119805110_wm adobestock_104088945_wm adobestock_84060611_wm adobestock_82896456_wm adobestock_78829040_wm adobestock_46054629_wm


Ok, just joking on the desert shot. 🙂




adobestock_37054480_wm adobestock_90146968_wm adobestock_101905246_wm



adobestock_73509851_wm adobestock_76189851_wm adobestock_85819698_wm adobestock_90254822_wm adobestock_101115181_wm