Is My Business Ready to Franchise?

  Franchising is a great opportunity to expand a business and compete in a larger marketplace. Many business owners regard it as the next big step, but only a few know that not all businesses should be franchised. It is true that franchising is highly beneficial when done right, but it is also a huge responsibility packaged with its own set of risks. To know whether your business is ready to franchise, several factors must be considered. [...]

Choosing the Best Franchise for You

One of the reasons why franchises are attractive is because they are seen as functional formulas. That does not necessarily mean less sweat, but in one way or another, franchises aim to avoid the basic risks a startup business has to face—all thanks to the franchisor who has already solved them for you. Nonetheless, choosing the right franchise is not an easy task. In the middle of weighing your options, you realize you have to be forward-looking. [...]

6 Most Common Franchisor Mistakes to Avoid

As the classic (and comforting) saying goes, making a mistake is not completely wrong, especially when you learn something from it. However, making the same mistake all over is what’s problematic. In the world of franchising, creating errors is very critical. First-time franchisors usually get caught in this nasty trap, but even long-time franchisors are not spared at times. To help you get through, here are six of the most common franchisor mistakes that you should avoid. [...]